Origin Cloaking

Instart Logic’s Origin Cloaking provides added protection by creating an exclusive connection between the Instart Logic cloud and your site. Rogue traffic from non-Instart Logic networks is safely blocked and the Instart Logic cloud sends only valid HTTP(S) traffic to your site. In addition to only passing “clean” traffic, this offloads connection acceptance and SSL overhead.

Why Does Origin Cloaking Matter To Me?

Security is very important to any company with an online presence and who might be conducting business online. Security attacks are always evolving and can:

  • ruin a brand’s reputation - customers lose trust when their data is leaked
  • be extremely costly to fix - keeping up with evolving attacks is time consuming, difficult, and very costly. We are always evolving our security technology to be a step ahead of the enemy.
  • cause your company to lose millions of transactions/revenue - when customers lose trust, they don’t feel comfortable providing the important information required to complete a transaction

What Are The Benefits Of Origin Cloaking?

Origin Cloaking provides a necessary additional layer of security for web applications and websites by intelligently identifying rogue traffic and only sending valid traffic to your site so that you can and mitigate attacks before they gain access to valuable customer data.

What Kind Of Protection Do I Need?

In order to combat the sophisticated attackers you need to have:

  • Dynamic network-level security
  • IP reputation protection
  • Web Application Firewall
  • DDoS protection