PCI Compliance

Accelerate and Secure Online Payments

Some of the most critical moments in web user experience occur when an end user is providing sensitive financial and personal information. Delivering the fastest performance possible while maintaining security and compliance during this time is vital.

Certified PCI Level 1 Compliant

As a critical part of the application delivery chain, Instart Logic developed a PCI-compliant application delivery service certified by an external PCI-certified security assessor as PCI Level 1 – the highest level of PCI compliance possible. Using a dedicated environment with the same powerful client-cloud platform that powers the rest of the Instart Logic services, we are able to provide the stringent change controls, limited access, lockdown procedures and enhanced monitoring specified by the PCI DSS. This allows our customers to gain end-to-end PCI compliance from their backend systems and through our application delivery systems.

Why is PCI Level 1 Compliance Important?

Online security is a top of mind issue for consumers, especially when it comes to making purchases online. Using our PCI Level 1-compliant application delivery service means that you have the highest level of security for any volume of transactions.

Why is Instart Logic’s Application Delivery PCI Level 1 Compliance Good for Your Business?

  • Creating consumer trust: When customers know that your site is the most secure it could be, they trust you more. This means fewer customer service issues, and could possibly contribute to a higher amount of transactions and customer loyalty.
  • It’s mandatory: PCI compliance is mandatory for any company that accepts, transmits, or stores cardholder data.
  • Seamless compliance maintenance: PCI compliance standards are constantly changing and can be difficult to keep up with and implement. Instart Logic maintains the top compliance, even as the requirements change.
  • Limit your liability: If you’re attacked or a breach occurs, being PCI Level 1-compliant minimizes the damage.