In the ecommerce world, especially in the luxury segment, it’s all about high-visual impact. If we can’t capture the attention of consumers right away, including the beauty of our product offerings, we won’t make sales. That means our page performance needs to be at the top of its game.

Keiron McCammon
Moda Operandi

The Challenge

Oscar de la Renta. Marc Jacobs. Diane Kordos. These are just a few of the hundreds of incredible top designers who work closely with Moda Operandi. Their goal? To offer consumers unprecedented access to stunning ready-to-wear fashion, luxurious leather goods, and museum- worthy fine jewelry.

Moda Operandi makes this possible via their virtual trunk shows and online boutique—both powered by the company’s ecommerce site.

However, to succeed, imagery is everything. It must capture the luxury, quality, and vibrancy of each item. Not only that, image loading must be fast.

“In the ecommerce world, especially in the luxury segment, it’s all about high-visual impact,” says CTO, Keiron McCammon, Moda Operandi. “If we can’t capture the attention of consumers right away, including the beauty of our product offerings, we won’t make sales. That means our page performance needs to be at the top of its game.”

This was top of mind when the company decided to rebuild its platform in early 2014.

“We wanted to maintain our image quality, while doubling our number of images and weaving in narrative content,” explains McCammon. “And we were thinking mobile first—a must as our customers want to browse and shop from any device.”

More than 40% of customers access Moda Operandi via mobile devices. The company expected this number to increase over time, with traffic driving through desktop eventually decreasing. It was critical that their site work well across all devices--with a minimal amount of manual resizing, panning, and scrolling required.

Moda Operandi was able to overhaul the entire user experience to include lightning-fast image load times that immerse you in the product through Instart Logic’s web performance suite and foundation services. “Without Instart Logic, we would have had significant performance challenges,” says McCammon. “And we would have had to do a lot of development for mobile devices.”

The Solution

It was an easy choice for Moda Operandi to partner with Instart Logic.

“I had a previous experience with Instart Logic as founder and CEO of Bonfaire,” says McCammon. He sold Bonfaire to Moda Operandi in 2013, when he transitioned to become their CTO.

“Our goal was the same—to create a high-end luxury experience and showcase our designers’ products in an amazing way,” he says. “I felt very confident that Instart Logic could help us achieve that goal.”

With the help of Instart Logic’s software-defined application delivery solution, the company’s new site premiered in April 2015, offering an immersive, luxury showroom experience.

“Instart Logic has a unique approach to content delivery, which puts the smarts on the client side,” says McCammon. “This made it seamless for our developers as they planned and rolled out our new platform.”

Customers browse designers’ trunk shows to pre-order next season’s fashions, shoes, accessories, handbags, and jewelry. They also visit the online boutique to shop for current, in-season products.

“It’s the very pinnacle of luxury online,” says McCammon. “It was exciting to rebuild our platform and keep it extremely image intensive. Instart Logic’s technology made our vision possible.”

Instart Logic’s Performance Suite for HTML streaming and image streaming provides Moda Operandi with an innovative way to speed up web application delivery performance, ensuring that users’ browsers don’t sit idle while waiting for the backend HTML to be generated. This solution works especially well for wireless mobile devices by sending applications in small pieces rather than large downloads, and by adapting image and file sizes automatically for the right device type all with Instart Logic’s machine learning and computer vision technology.

This means more imagery—and shorter load times.

Most important, Moda Operandi is an excellent example of how technology can completely reshape a business for the digital age. This is imperative as connecting online becomes so important in everyday life; it’s also how a company will survive--and thrive--in this rapidly changing world.

“Our new platform fully aligns with our commitment to intersecting technology and fashion,” says McCammon. “This is quite distinctive—and it’s what helps us be successful.”

The Result

Most exciting are Moda Operandi’s image load times. Before the transition to Instart Logic, pages required from between six to eight seconds to load. In the online world, that’s a very long time—and a detriment to turning browsers into buyers.

Today, across the entire site, load times are two to three seconds, boosting overall web performance by up to 30%. This improvement made it possible to double imagery on the site as planned and to enhance the user experience without bogging down performance.

“Creating a great first load for consumers is exactly what we wanted to achieve,” says McCammon. “We’re going to continue to work on our back-end configuration to find our sweet spot for optimal speed. Our goal is to have page load times around one second, and we believe that is achievable with Instart Logic.”

Having Instart Logic on their side also made a difference at launch time. They turned off their old site at 12 am on a weekend. As they turned on the new site, an Instart Logic support person was right there with them, ready to help with any challenges.

“We didn’t ask for this, or expect it,” says McCammon. “It’s just something they did. Their support is exceptional. Plus, they don’t point fingers at other vendors. Their goal is to be a true partner and step in to help wherever they can.”

“We look forward to taking advantage of other Instart Logic features over time,” continues McCammon. “With their expertise on our side, we don’t have to worry.”

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